This too is a mothers' blog

Yes, this too is a Mothers’ Blog.

And yes, you can call it another mother’s blog for mommas, mommies and women. I know there are quite a number of mother’s blog out there talking about almost the same thing, motherhood, womanhood, parenting, children and so on.

Although they are all mothers’ Blog, we still have lots of interesting topics to discuss, because even though we may all be mothers, women we have diverse experiences in our parenting lives.

We have different reasons for starting a blog.

When I became an amputee, the only thing that kept me sane was my blog, where I was able to express my feelings, anxieties, pain and challenges. It was easier to write about it than to talk about it.

It was freer too because there was no judgement, criticism, no expectations, no shame, no pretence. You can read my post on why you need to write here.

And now as a mother, a single mother, my fears have expanded, taking care of a child as a single mother with a disability is more daunting and terrifying than I ever imagined.

It was not anything near what I thought it would be, apart from the physical it is emotional and psychologically draining.

Just like when I became an amputee, there was nobody I knew of who was going through the same thing I was passing through. Now, I don’t know any woman who in the same situation I am in presently.

I allowed it to weigh me down at first, though I don't know if I had any control over it or if I was supposed to.

I suffered through postpartum depression, probably still is because nobody knew I was going through that. I didn’t even know I was till later.

So instead of allowing it to destroy me silently, I decided to get over it the best way I know. Writing.

I started a mother’s blog.

Here I can talk about my fears, pain, challenges and everything else. And maybe reach out to someone who is going through a similar situation or maybe someone who can relate and we can help one another.

Actually, this is like a call out to any woman, mothers out there who are combining challenges, physical or otherwise with motherhood, single mothers who are struggling to be everything to their kids while balancing their own internal challenges to reach out and let us wallow, reason and grow together.

I believe when you help someone in the same situation as yourself, or when you are with people who understand what you are going through because they can relate you are a long way into healing or recovery.

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