10 Wishes for my son

My son, I wish above all that you love God with all your heart. Honour Him with all you have and all you are. Make Him the first in all you do every day of your life, and you will be prosperous in all you do.

I wish you be what you want to be. I wish you do what you want to do, and go where you want to go.

I wish you live in good health, my son. Health they say is wealth. When you are in good health you have everything. I have lost what it means to live in perfect health. I mastered the art of ignoring pain instead. When you are always sick or in pain, you forget how to be happy, how to enjoy life, because you are always on edge, you can't let your guard down lest people know you're in pain.

I wish you enjoy your childhood for as long as you can, that remain a child for a while yet. Don't be in a hurry grow up, my son so your innocence doesn't run out too fast.

I wish you immeasurable happiness. May you find happiness in all you ways and may it find you.

I wish for the courage to pursue and do things that make you happy and fill your heart with joy.

My son, I wish you come to understand that it is okay to be scared. So I wish you learn to let your fears stimulate courage in you and that you gain the wisdom to know that your fears are just fears. They appear to be real, but not. They are there to teach you to rise above that which scares you.

I wish my son that you love everyone equally, live to serve, be caring and compassionate no matter what. Don't let this world determine who you would be or who you are.

My son, I wish you would live your life to the fullest, follow your dreams till it becomes your reality. Do not let your dreams be just dreams. It is okay to fail, over and over again as long as you do not give up, success is certain.

I wish you let truth, honesty, integrity and honour be your ally. Don't ever let them down and you will prosper. Seek wisdom, embrace knowledge and befriend understanding, and they will bring you honour and promote you.

I wish you know that I love you more than life. That I will always love you no matter what happens, what has happened and what the future holds. You are the best thing I've ever done, the best part of me.

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