The littlest Feet

When my baby took his first steps a few weeks ago, it was the most exciting thing to witness. I had waited for it, I didn't want to miss it and I was glad I got my wish. I had expected him to walk fast because he did every other thing very fast without much help from me.

I got him a sitting/learning cushion to assist but he refused to sit in it. He would wiggle and struggle until he could free himself from it. He would sigh with contentment afterwards, rolled on his back and chew on his thumb. He didn't take any step till after his first birthday, so you can imagine how excited I was when he finally did.

Now, taking the first step was the easiest, the hardest was taking more afterwards. Every time he falls he would quickly scramble up as if someone is holding a cane over him to whip him if he doesn't get back up. Sometimes he'd fall as he tries to rise. He keeps rising every time he falls and keep trying. If I lift him after a fall he would demand I put him down as soon as I pacify him then starts all over again.

Babies don't give up just because they fail one time or a hundred times or a thousand times. They keep trying, they keep on rising after each falls. They try harder every day until they get better until they become masters at it.

They don't despair, they don't quit, they don't back down, they don't stay down; they keep rising after each falls. They bruise their knees, their elbows, they hurt their jaws, nose or mouth, they cry and with just a pat, a smile or hugs from their mothers; they keep going.

Now, as I watch him wandering around the house looking for new things, new adventures I wonder where or when we lost perseverance, patience and tolerance. As babies grow up, they get better at doing the things they learnt. Why aren't we getting better at persevering, resilience and patience? Why do we give up easily after little disappointments when we were born or given loads of courage and confidence at birth?

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