Best meals for toddlers having diarrhea

What is Diarrhea?

Diarrhea is the frequent passage of loose or watery stools. In children, it could be life-threatening if one is not watchful.

You can usually determine the severity of diarrhea by the number of stools the child passes over a period of time.

In some cases, diarrhea goes away in a day or two. And it can also stay as long as a week or more. When a child passes a few stools in a day, it is considered mild.

However, it can also be moderate (having not up to 10 loose stools in a day) or Severe Diarrhea (having more than 10 loose stools in a day).

The best indicator of the severity of diarrhea is the frequency of the stool and this is what moms should watch out for when their toddlers pass loose stools.

Complications usually arise from dehydration from loss of too much body fluid. You can know your child is at risk of dehydration when your child has dry mouth, no tears, dark concentrated urine or infrequent urination.

The main way to treat diarrhea is to prevent dehydration, however, if you think your child is getting weaker or not getting better no matter how infrequent the stool is, go to the hospital especially if fever accompanies diarrhea.

What Are The Causes of Diarrhea?

Virus is the major cause of diarrhea in children. When children get an infection from a virus like rotavirus, they pass loose or watery stool. This could also include vomiting, headache, stomachache, and fever.

It can also be as a result of antibiotics, or some food allergy, or too much fruit juice. And sometimes it is caused by bacteria or parasite. You can read more here on Symptoms and Causes of Chronic Diarrhea in Children.

Best Meals For Toddlers Having Diarrhea:

The main treatment for diarrhea is lots of fluid and good food too. Because of the risk of dehydration, it is best to increase fluid intake, especially for children. Because their body volume is not much and they lose fluid fast when they pass watery stool. Taking lots of fluid, like Oral Rehydration Solution will help to replace the lost salt and water from the body.

And because they may not be able to follow their regular diet, there is a need to ensure they eat and take fluids frequently.

You may need to cut out milk and other dairy products from their meals. Avoid foods and vegetables that can cause gas and bloats like milk, beans, broccoli, and others.

Here are some foods you can give your toddlers when they have diarrhea. I have tried some of them and they were awesome.

1. Rice Water:

Rice Water is a miracle worker and an excellent strength reviving agent. I gave my son the last time he was stooling and vomiting and I marvelled at how fast it worked because he was already weak and it was terrifying.

Cook a cup of rice with two bowls of water until it's soft but not dry. Drain out the water into a clean bowl using a sieve. Let it cool down and give your child or baby with soon.

*For babies, the best meal when having diarrhea is still breast milk.

2. Boiled egg

3 Bread made from refined white flour

4. Pap (African pap made from dried corn)

5. Baked Potatoes

6. Grains

7. Crackers