Be true to yourself, and stick with who you are

If fear could cause miscarriage I would have lost my pregnancy when I first found out about it. I thought I was ready to become a mother but I wasn't. Although I wanted it more than life when I couldn't get pregnant after trying for months. Yes, I know worrying about not getting pregnant after few months is pointless, but you would too if you knew what my body had gone through. Getting pregnant was the biggest or second biggest miracle in my life. Anyway, enough of that for now, let me welcome you to my website. Hi, I'm Olufunke. Welcome to my website and to my first blog post. I'm glad you are here and would love to see more of you.

This is where I'm going to share my life journey, my challenges, battles, health topics relating to women, mothers and babies from our health department. And of course all of my new exploits, fashion tips, gossips and lots more. You can also visit our store for everything mothers and babies. We intend to care for all your needs through every stages of womanhood. I am so excited to start this blog, to share my life with you; the good the bad, the mixture. I believe someone somewhere needs to read it, hear it and be inspired to hope, live and believe tomorrow will be better. We all have stories to tell I know. I hope mine will inspire you not to give up and maybe share yours too. So, tag along, feel free to share my story and inspire someone.