motherhood is worth every sweat and blood

This little guy here gave me the best tag ever. I can’t love him enough for the immeasurable joy he brought to my life.

I have acquired new tags over the years since my automobile accident in 2012. His arrival gave me a brand new tag, mother. I became a mother, I still can’t believe it, though I am living it. Because of him I joined the motherhood club. When I first set my eyes on him, I sighed with relief and contentment. I just knew he was worth it, every tears, every blood shed, every sleepless nights of anguish and anxiety, he is worth it.

I was awake before they finished the stitches, I won’t go into the horror of waking up in the midst of your tummy being closed up.

While they were wheeling me to the ward, I started asking for my baby. My mother placed him in my arms. My sight was blur at first but I could see his very pink nose.

“I made this?”

It was the most beautiful sight to see after watching too many real horror movies. I had no idea then if I would do it again, but right then I was ecstatic I made that decision. While I was pregnant with him, I would wonder why anyone would want to have 4 or more kids. “Once is enough,” I told my sis while we were chatting one day.

I wouldn’t go through this twice. It was as if some psychotic aliens hijacked and invaded my body, yet I could feel the horrible things they were doing to it.

I was sure it would be a one-time occurrence for me. I got the biggest gift, the gift of life. Getting pregnant again would be overdoing it, but when I saw my beautiful baby boy, I understood why women dare to go through pregnancy as many times as they could.

Motherhood is the most beautiful thing. Pregnancy is the greatest miracle and breastfeeding is awesome. It is a wonderful feeling for your baby to depend on you, not your money; on you to feed.

Your reward is that feeling of satisfaction and peace that envelopes their tiny faces when they are full. When I first put my baby to breast, he shot out his tiny tongue licked my nipples for about five times, sighed contentedly and went back to sleep.

It was frustrating at first because it took us a while to wake him. But it was funny and beautiful. I laughed about it for long afterwards when he became a master at nursing. The journey into motherhood is far from smooth. There are as many beautiful moments as the bad ones. There are so many times you wished you hadn’t set out for it. But one look at your baby or babies, and that feeling dissipates.

A moment with them reminds you why they are worth the pain and why you would do it all over again

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